As a classroom teacher, administrator, counselor, coach, interventionist or other school personnel you play a crucial role in early identification of reading issues. You can make the difference in a student’s life by ensuring they get the help that they need. As someone working with many students day in and day out, it is critical that you are able to notice signs of a reading difficulty. 

In the classroom, a few tell-tale signs signal a potential reading, spelling or comprehension challenge exists. The student may:

  • avoid participation in reading exercises
  • read the same word differently across a passage
  • read the beginning of a word correctly, but guesses at the rest of the word
  • work 2-3 times longer (harder) to complete an assignment
  • struggle to remember the content of the reading material because, for that student, the process of reading is so laborious.

Most importantly, the student may show limited growth (relative to peers) in reading, spelling or comprehension DESPITE participation in an outstanding academic program. 

As an educator at a prestigious and rigorous school, you know that your students are participating in an outstanding academic program. You know that the instruction in your classrooms is exemplary and you know that you and your peers are giving students what they need to excel. 

Yet, you still find that you have students who have gaps and need extra support with reading and written expression. This is not a reflection on your teaching or the academic rigor of your school. In fact, since you know that both of those are variables are outstanding, you can feel confident that your struggling students need more intensive reading intervention

That is where we come in. The clinicians at RW&C have completed advanced training to work with students with literacy challenges. RW&C delivers online, person to person remediation services for reading, writing, and spelling difficulties. Our program is:

  • Based on the Structured Literacy framework and aligns with IDA standards for reading remediation
  • Individualized for each student
  • 1:1 live conferencing with a highly qualified reading clinician 
  • Flexible for busy families

As your students receive targeted, one-on-one intervention for their reading struggles, you will find that it enhances their performance in your classroom and school. By working with a private tutor, your students can have their needs met and get exactly what they need to thrive in a strong academic environment. When you recommend outside intervention to parents, you can help them ensure that their child is receiving the one-on-one, intensive, Structured Literacy intervention they need to be successful. Reading is truly the gift of a lifetime and you are a critical player in giving that to your students. 

Contact us today to discuss if our program is the right choice for your struggling students. 

Becky Welsch

Becky Welsch’s certifications include the CEERI Tier I Qualification Exam (aligned with the International Dyslexia Association’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading). She has completed the Associate Level Training through the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Professionals and Educators for one-on-one instruction with students using the Orton-Gillingham methodology. 

Becky has a Master’s Degree in K-8 Education She is certified to teach in the state of Arizona and has specialist endorsements in the areas of Reading and Structured English Immersion. 

Becky began teaching in the Arizona public school system in 2007. She worked in both primary and secondary grade levels as a reading intervention teacher and teacher mentor. Becky has training in Spaulding Phonics, DIBELS Next, The 95% Group, and other whole group, small group, and one-on-one intervention programs. 

In 2014, she took the leap into using teletherapy to deliver one-on-one Structured Literacy tutoring. She has accumulated hundreds of hours working 1:1 with students via teletherapy.