Your Child Can Stay Sharp All Summer Long!

With online tutoring your child can stay sharp all summer long and even pick up new skills. This will help keep them ready for the challenges of the new school year.
As a teacher, I have personally seen what is called the “summer slump.” When students come back to school in August or September they are often lacking skills that they had mastered towards the end of the previous grade level. Even students that are advanced academically come back with deficits. Most students are able to catch up relatively quickly because for them, reading is like riding a bike. However, for students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties, the summer slump can make school even more challenging and frustrating.
It is important to note that summer skill loss is not inevitable. By engaging your child in reading activities that are purposeful, rigorous, and fun it is possible for your student to retain all of their previously learned skills and even make progress.
One great way to beat the summer slump is with an online tutoring program. The online tutoring program we offer at RW&C is a comprehensive structured literacy methodology and includes instruction from a trained reading clinician. All of our clinicians have proven their ability to understand the ins and outs of the English language and use effective strategies to teach it to students. With our online tutoring program your child will receive forty-five minutes of direct, focused instruction each week.
online tutoringIn addition, our clinicians will assess your child in order to make sure s/he receives quality, targeted instruction. Since our tutoring is one on one, there is no one size fits all and the program is adjusted to fit the needs of your child. This means that whether your child struggles with language, phonemic awareness, spelling, comprehension, or some combination of skills, our clinicians will be able to deliver the content your child needs to improve individual skills.
Our online tutoring program also offers flexibility. Since you don’t have to physically be present, your child can get help anywhere there is Wi-Fi. This means that most trips don’t have to be scheduled around your sessions because you can complete them on the go.
Finally, our online tutoring is designed to be fun. Our clinicians are skilled at motivating students and keeping them engaged. There is also a fun, game based online practice options that kids love! This additional weekly practice is key to success and students have a great time with it. This helps build skills as well as a positive attitude around reading and spelling.
If online tutoring sounds like a good option for your family this summer, call our office today to schedule your first session. With quality online instruction your child will be on the right path towards over-coming the summer slump and retaining all those skills s/he worked so hard to gain last year.


Becky Welsch
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Becky Welsch has a Master’s degree in K-8 Education. She is certified to teach in the state of Arizona and has special endorsements in the areas of English Language Learners and Reading. Becky has worked with struggling readers in the primary as well as secondary grades. Her experience also includes intensive reading intervention both in person as well as with online teletherapy. Becky has experience with early literacy skills like phonics and phonemic awareness development. She has used several structured literacy programs including Language! and Spalding phonics. She is also trained to administer DIBELS tests and has worked with the DIBELS Next reading remediation program.