Glendale Elementary School District #40

RFP 21.04.25

RW&C’s online Structured Literacy platform consists of 32 individual lessons designed to systematically address the hierarchy of learning literacy skills. The lessons have been designed for live, online Clinician interaction through multisensory instruction to simultaneously engage the visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile modalities.

The demonstration teletherapy lesson provided below includes content across the 32 individual lessons, some basic content and some more complex content to provide an appreciation for the breadth and depth of covered skills. Many of the screens require Clinician interaction with the student, some of which will not be evident by simply paging through the lesson.

To access the demonstration teletherapy lesson …. click the Demo Lesson 0.0 button below. The Demo Lesson will open in a new tab. To advance through the lesson, click anywhere on the screen after the animation has stopped.

To access the example “Practice Sprints” scoring matrix …. click the button below.

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